Sunday, September 13, 2009

Just confused this time

Holy Craps, It happened again; this time my backpack disappears. I headed to the San Telmo Street Fair and walked in a cantina. I put my back pack down on the floor next to my feet. I reach over to the table across from me for the menu. As soon as I look down, my backpack is gone - vanished in thin air. I look around the cantina and it is no where to be found. There is only one exit out of the cantina, and still no signs of my back pack. The contents: My Passport, ASUS net book, Sanyo camera, Kodak camera, $60 USD, and the keys to my car. At least I still have my Panasonic camera and my wallet. Looks like I’ll be hanging out at the US Embassy tomorrow morning to retrieve a copy of my passport.

After filing the police report I headed back to the streets to try to enjoy the rest of my day. I ran into an artist who had some interesting paintings. I purchased one to take back home with me.