Saturday, September 12, 2009

Dazed and Confused

Posted for September 11, 2009
I can’t believe the terrorist attacks happened 8 years ago. It seems like it happened decades ago but 8 years isn’t so long. With that in mind, I got hustled yesterday. Straight up ripped off.

After a long 18 hour flight, I got into Buenos Aires at 10 am. I checked into my hostel at about 1 and headed for the streets. I ate at a Parilla and had a 1.5 lb helping of steak with 2 empanadas on the side. Feeling delirious from the steak and long travel day/night, I walked along Lavalle St. - a pedestrian street filled with shops. As I walked along, there were various people handing out an assortment of pamphlets. I ignored a few and then took one for a gentleman. Feeling spaced out, he then started to talk to me and led me to bar. As soon as I sat down, 2 gals in Bikinis sat down next me and a few drinks were immediately set on my table. I responded, “Woe!!! Hey, what’s going on here?” The two gals massaged my crotch and said, “Take it easy, relax.” I immediately downed my drink that was handed to me, asked for the bill, and took off. 200 Dollars down the drain! With the exception of the overpriced connector I bought in Hong Kong, this is the first time I’ve been ripped off during my travels. I can only blame myself for walking around with my guard down. I guess the lazy kick back effects from Maui haven’t left my system. In any case, it was a wake up call and I’ve got my guard back up. Expensive lesson.

I went back to my hostel to take a nap after that incident happened. Feeling refreshed and my guard back up in full force, I headed for a Pub Crawl. I met a few interesting people and the lead singer of a band in one of the 4 bars that we went to. The name of the band is Laika. I forgot her name but I asked the lead singer if they were selling any CD’s. She walked over to her jacket, pulled out a CD, and handed it to me for free Dollars. AWESOME! Cute and very nice. I should have taken a picture with her!

I got back to my hostel at about 5 am with a couple folks from the pub crawl. We had a beer and conversed a bit before calling it at night. I passed out at about 5:30 am.