Friday, September 4, 2009

More at the Westin

Night life in Maui does not exist, in Kaanapali that is. The bars in and around the resort close down at about 11. In addition, the drinks are way over priced. But, I guess you’re paying for the atmosphere: a beach side resort with Tiki Torches strategically placed, a large man made pond with Flamingoes, Cocktail birds, Coy Fish , and man made waterfalls, located on an island with mild weathered ocean sea breezes, swaying palm trees, and clean ocean blue waters, with Hawaiian music softly playing in the PA system.

I went to bed early last night after having a long drinking day. I got up this morning at 6:30 and headed for the pool. I relaxed all morning drowning my self in my headphones poolside while reading up on my next trip scheduled for Thursday Sept 10: Argentina. I then met up with a couple folks and went to the beach for a quick swim. After swimming we headed to the Whaler's Mall Food Court next to the hotel we're staying and picked up a Hawaiian Panini.

I headed for the room at about 1:30 and got ready for my sisters wedding. After getting ready I took pictures with my family in my sister’s Room Suite. Located on the 10th floor (1 below the Penthouse), it’s got an awesome view of the resort and beach. One side of the suite overlooks the ocean in which it looks like the water is entering the room. After a few pictures I headed to the church for the ceremony located in Lahaina.

The ceremony started at 3 and ended at 4. After a several photos I headed back to the hotel for the Reception. Looking for the room where the Reception was to take place was a challenge. After asking around and meandering through the hotel, the exact rooms for the Cocktails and Ball Room was identified. I spoke to the host and she said there was a sign in the front lobby. I took a look at it, and it was a tiny sign that can be easily overlooked.

I met up with the DJ before joining my family in the Cocktail Area to set up my netbook for the Slideshow/montage. I forgot his name, but he’s originally from the bay and was going back to SF for a gig at MILK on Haight St., scheduled for Tuesday night. I completed my set up and met up with my family. I had a blast in the wedding. It ended at 11:30 pm.