Friday, September 11, 2009


Posted for September 5, 2009
I had long day of swimming and basking in the sun. My face is burned, my arms and back sore from Surfing, Splashketball, and good old fashion swimming.

Getting up early to hang out poolside has become my morning ritual. I hung out in the pool all morning with a short 30 min swimming session in the ocean. My sisters, brother in-laws, and others all showed up at the pool. We had a great time on the waterslide and a session of Splashketball.

After hanging out by the pool and the beach, my family and I went to Lahaina for a surf session. On the way, we stopped by Safeway to pick up some snacks. I got some Fresh Ahi Poke, Pomegranate Juice, and Chips. The Fresh Ahi Poke was off the hook!

With my family taking lessons, I rented a board and booties from the shop they were taking lessons from and surfed on my own. I had a terrible surfing session due to the board I was using. I needed a longer board. I originally asked for a 7’8” board. The guys said I should use a longer board, so I pointed at the 8 footer. They looked at me as if I should go even longer. I should have listened.

After surfing I headed to Front Street to walk around a bit. Front Street is the main street in Lahaina that’s filled with shops and restaurants. I met up with my family afterwards and headed to Mixed Plate for dinner.

Dinner at Mixed Plate was ok. Aside from the ocean view, large servings, and the price, the food was just ok. The coconut batter shrimp was the highlight of the meal. The BBQ meat was just ok.