Friday, December 12, 2008


I can't really Thank God It's Friday because the past 2 months have been a continuous friday for me. Unemployed and time on my side - which is the main reason why I finally started a BLOG.

I haven't shaved for a week, but that's Aye-OH-KAY. I still shower everyday and aside from the movie screening yesterday (thanks Tom), I haven't gone anywhere. And if you want my opinion on the movie "Nothing like the Holidays," I'd have to say, "Save your money and wait for it on DVD."

I've got a Christmas party to attend at the Ball Park tomorrow in which I'm quite excited for. It'll be another night of being in an incognative state but not belligerent. I can't really remember what had happened at last years event becuase that silly Haitian from Heros always seems to come around when 151 is involved.

As far as tonight, the normal rounds are in order: Cellar - Show - GC, and possibly Dirty Martini. What usually follows after is a free for all.