Sunday, December 14, 2008

Feeling Better

I survived the weekend and amazingly, aside from the lack of sleep and the 49ers losing to the Miami Dolphins, I feel great. I'll get my 8 hour rest tonight and look forward to tackle new challenges that may come up this week.

Even though last night had started earlier than the previous night, I had much more of a calm collected night compared to Friday nights activities. This is probably because of being able to spread the drinks all night rather than hitting the scene late and cramming everything in shorter amount of time: taking 5 shots along with cocktails in a 2 hour span rather than in a 15 min span. In addition, I stuck with vodka last night rather than the mixed variety I usually have. When I approach a bar, I treat it like a buffet. Herbal Liqueur, rum, vodka, and scotch -I pick and choose what I feel like drinking and usually never stick to one specific type.