Monday, December 15, 2008

Selfish Act

I purchased a coupon book back in July and just realized that it expires this month. It has tons of buy one get one free meals. When I first purchased it, I thought I’d be able to use it all or at least a good portion of it, but failed because I stashed the book on the side and just forgot about it. There are less then 3 weeks left this year and I know I will not be able to use a good portion of the coupons. On the flip side, at least the money spent to purchase the booklet will be going to a good cause. Does that make a humanitarian? Probably not because I know I can do more. I don’t think purchasing something for the sole purpose to benefit oneself and using it as an excuse, "it’s for a good cause" is justifiable terms. To perform a task that does not benefit oneself but only for others constitutes better reasoning of being a humanitarian.