Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 2: Part 2 Downtown Melbourne

Posted for June 29
I walked the city area for about 5 hours finding my way to the Port area which is filled with restaraunts, a Shopping Mall, and thier AFL Stadium The main downtown area is similar to any other metropolitan down town area. Filled with people moving like ants -shopping, working, and hanging out.

As I walked though downtown I came accross an alley way with people doing Graffiti. I spoke to a guy who was supervising and got a little info. The city allocates funds to Graffiti projects. Specific area are maintained and assigned to the real graffiti artists. Melbourne defines can art in two differnt interpretations:

Graffiti (unaccepted by the government)- unorganized can works with no thought in to a piece - aka Tagging
Street Art (accepted by the government) - Pieces such as the one shown in the picture

After exploring the downtown area, I found a spot that served ramen. I ate and headed back to the hostel.