Monday, July 5, 2010

Sydney Bound

Posted for July 1
With my flight leaving for Sydney at 7 pm, I've got my afternoon planned for another go around in the downtown area. I ran into Luke in the Hostel lobby in which he approched me and said, "first to pinch and punch on the first of the month." As he phycially pinched and punched me, I laughed outloud and thought to my self, "what the hell?"

Heading to downtown, my first mission is to look for an electronic store. I forgot to pack my charger for my video camera. As soon as I found one, I headed off to a beef pie shop that I saw the other day. Located in a little alley I enjoyed my beef and bacon pie with a long black coffee for breakfast.

After breakfast, I went to Brevile St. The area reminded me of Telegraph Street in Berkely mixed with a little bit of Haight Street in San Francisco. Lots of botique shops. There are tons of spots with an out door area to enjoy coffee and people watch. I stopped by a couple records stores to take a gander and saw a couple interesting records such as a A Tribe Called Quest's "Rare and unlreleased Instrumentals."

I headed back to St. Kilda at about 3pm to grab a quick bite at a fish and chips spot then to the Hostel where my shuttle took me to the airport - Sydney bound. BTW, the fish and chips was pretty damn good. The shop fries their food in a Healthier rice oil which gave the fish and chips a different flavor.

I arrived in Sydeny at about 8:30 and got to the hostel at about 10pm. As I settled in my room, I met my 2 other room mates from Spain - Jesika and Mikel. After a quick introduction and chat I headed for the streets for some food. I ate a spot called Pepper Rice and had a sizzling plate of rice topped with corn and beef on the side. I headed back to the hostel and crashed after my meal.