Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Australia: Day 2

I went to bed early last night due to Jet lag, 17 hours ahead. I crashed at 8pm. I got up at 8 and headed to Down Town Melbourne. First stop: The Victorian Market.

It’s not as dope as the market in Barcelona, but it’s good enough. And at that, It’s probably the second best market that I’ve seen. It’s a Market that sells fresh Produce: Meat, Sea Food, Chicken, Fruit, Vegetables and clothes and souvenirs. Not having breakfast yet, I headed straight for the food section and had a pastry called Burek stuffed with meat. I expected beef, but it tasted like lamb. None the less, It was Freaking Good. Made fresh. After that I headed to the fish area. I walked around a bit and saw Australian oysters. The light bulb in my head lit up instantly. After seeing everything the market had to offer, I picked up 6 oysters, then headed to the meat area and picked up 3 dollars worth of Serrano Prosciutto from Spain. Then a bottle of Wine and bread. Instant Breakfast but not breakfast food. Freaking AWESOME!!!

With the weather being cold and light rain, I picked up a couple Japanese type bomber hats. Super warm and comfy.

After the market, I walked the city. The market is just 5 min away from the main down town area.