Thursday, April 30, 2009

Reunited with an oldie

I lost my camera last year during one of my drunken outings. It was a Kodak V570. It features a wide angle lens that takes excellent up in close self portraits and an automatic panoramic shot (pic above). I've used it through out my first couple trips to Europe and in my eyes, it took excellent pictures. So I guess there also was some sort of sentimental value with it.
I purchased the Panasonic LX2 to replace the lost Kodak camera. It’s an awesome camera but I miss the two distinct features the Kodak offered (automatic panoramic shots and the wide angle compact lens). After further contemplation, I went on and found a seller for an upgraded version (V610). I picked it up yesterday and I am very pleased to have it as my camera for on the go. The Panasonic LX2 is compact as well, but the Kodak V610 is much slender and not as bulky in a pocket. I’m hoping to purchase a Nikon D90 soon.