Thursday, April 30, 2009


I was at Taco Bell the other day and observed a couple interesting things while eating a double beef burrito and a triple layer nacho:

1) It was very interesting observing an elderly woman whom did not speak English attempt to order food. She appeared to be Chinese. What made it interesting is the fact that I just got back from Hong Kong and witnessed a complete 180 from my experience in Hong Kong. The Chinese people in Hong Kong were absolutely rude. When I tried to communicate to them, they’d give me a dirty look and turn their backs because I didn’t know how to speak Chinese. Here-in the US, the lady at the counter was very patient and helpful in taking the Chinese lady’s order. What made it even stranger was the lady working behind the counter wasn’t fluent with English. She was of Latin decent. If I was in Bizarro World, the Chinese woman would have received the cold shoulder.

2) There were 3 young gals Kids talking about getting jobs. One of them just got hired for her first job and was very excited. She boasted about treating her companions out to lunch on her first pay check and her parents as well. As I listened in, their conversation took me back to my first job. In the 4th grade, I handed out newspapers at an event near the Golden Gate Bridge which took place very early in the morning. I earned 50 bucks which went towards my Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).