Tuesday, January 7, 2014

First Post of The Year: 2014 NYE

Here it is, my first official post of the year.

In the previous 3 years, I’ve celebrated the New Year away from home: 2011 Naples Italy, 2012 Costa Rica, and 2013 New York. This year, I welcomed the New Year at home in San Francisco with a few friends. We had a 4 course dinner at Buritt Tavern. For starters we had a Salmon with caviar and crème fresh. The second dish was a cauliflower soup with a roasted rabbit. The next dish was a deep fried tongue with braised beef cheeks and mashed potatoes. I added a NY steak with the dish. For the last dish, desert, a blood orange with a tart pastry.

After dinner we headed to the Grand Hyatt located across from the restaurant and hung out at the lounge bar One Up. No cover charge and open to the public all of the seats appeared to be taken. As we stood and conversed near the bar entrance, one of the hostess came up to me and asked if we were all together. I said yes and she offered if we would like to take a look at a room where they can accommodate us. I took a look and immediately agreed. We ordered drinks and snacks. The room had a TV in which we were able to watch the Dick Clark countdown. With a few more friends that joined us, although public, the room became a private party as we took over the room with 15 people.

With public transportation (BART) running till 3 am, I took BART into city. The ride home was quite interesting. I got on the train with no problem. A few stops later, madness occurred. When the doors opened on the train at the stop, people stormed into the train pushing, shoving, and screaming. A few people caused a delay in the departure by holding the doors open. Seeing a family with young children, I gave up my seat to them as the kids looks scared and tired. I’ve experience more packed trains internationally, but the pushing and shoving was a whole new story as it was unnecessary. All said and done, I made it home safe and sound.